BECAUSE ALL LAWNS SHOULD BE SAFE! Safe for kids, safe for bees, safe for water, and safe for the Earth!

We get it, you have a lawn that your kids, dogs, friends and neighbors use and you don’t want to harm them or the environment with traditional lawn chemicals and products.  That’s why we don’t use them!  Our Safe Lawn Program comes in three forms to naturally care for your lawn:

  • Safe Lawn Feed Program
  • Safe Lawn Soil Program
  • Safe Lawn Weed Program
*Each program is specially formulated for organic lawn care and when purchased together provide the best Safe Lawn Program available.
*Every treatment includes an onsite evaluation, recommendations and guidance from our qualified technicians.  We want your lawn to be successful.

Other Great Lawn Services Include:

  • Safe Mosquito/Tick Control
  • Safe Tree Feeding
  • Safe Grub Control
  • Lawn Core-Aeration
  • Lawn Over-Seeding